Support our Vision to Create Abuse Free Culture for All

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Help Survivors to Overcome Barriers to Reach Safety

For disability community and other marginalized community members, accessibility can mean life and death, the program goal is to ensure that the community organizations and the criminal justice systems to be accessible.

The Initiative provides free and confidential advocacy that honors all forms of abuse and all forms of disability. The direct service primarily fall within 4 categories: safety, self-sufficiency, criminal justice support, and recovery & healing. Further, these services are rooted in accessible, culturally-responsive, and trauma-informed approaches to advocacy. All services are mobile, all services are available to monolingual Spanish speakers, LGBTQ+ inclusive, and victims in rural areas.

The Initiative conducts free community education to ensure that the community serving/interacting with survivors with disabilities are aware of the unique needs of this community. The focus for this program is to create a cultural and systemic shift or improvement by removing the stigma that exists around marginalized abuse survivors, as these stigmas erect those very barriers to access to services, safety, and self-sufficiency.

Through direct service and the outreach program, The Initiative strives to Create Abuse Free Culture for All.